Custom paint jobs have been around for years, hell, even before humans could speak english we were custom painting caves! For real though, custom paint jobs really exploded when compressed air hit the scene. Thats when things like candy apple, pearl fish scales, metal flake...well those made your car different!

This site will help you understand a bunch of different kinds of paints, how to use them, when to use them and what to expect when you use them. There are alot of tricks before and after laying down your tack cloth to sweet custom paint jobs!

If custom paint isn't enough, then you gotta pinstripe! This is an art this isn't learned, it's mastered. Even the most steady hand can't fake a great line, you have to know how to let it flow.

Thankfully we will walk you through some amazing works, the techniques behind them and some "rules of thumb" anyone should know before pinstriping!

Check out the forum and get involved!